In the pre-text days, when emails were the main way we communicated digitally, the practice was sometimes criticized as too casual or too brief.

Now, however, texts and direct messages better fit the definition of casual while emails are seen as more formal and conversational.

While most SMS sources are restricted to the number of characters, emails are now seen as a great place for a business to have longer conversations.

For instance, an email can take its time to present info on why a customer should consider buying a product or service, using certain words and even paragraphs to be persuasive.

It can be more effective than a text that aims to do the whole thing but only in a few words.

True, a potential customer spoiled by quick texts might start tuning out and skimming ahead on a lengthy email, which is why the quality and brevity of the writing still is important, and making it easy for them to jump to the important parts.

A business trying to create “conversational emails” should keep these items in mind:

  • Capture their situation: Say you recognize and sympathize with their particular challenge.
  • Tell how you can solve it. Share details about your company and what you offer that can help them.
  • Invite them to learn more. You can take a little longer to develop a call for action to get them even more excited.
  • Educate, but don’t push. Part of the conversational focus means that it doesn’t have to read like a sales pitch.

Businesses can refine their approach to conversational emails by creating a variety of templates for different types of customer preference groups and different products or services that might appeal to them. By merging databases, it’s also possible to include their names and make the email even more sincere.

The most common email software makes it fairly easy to keep track of results, including which messages and types of headers get opened more than others. This can help when planning future campaigns and which words to choose.

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