If you take time to observe and identify consumer viewing behaviors on social media platforms, like YouTube, you may be able to use this data to convert contacts into prospective buyers.  

Pay attention to these three viewing behaviors among consumers on YouTube:

Yearning to Relax  

A lot of browsers and viewers are merely looking to relax when they visit and peruse YouTube. Many have hectic lives and yearn for something simpler. This is evident in the newfound popularity of rustic living and getting-back-to-basics type of content. Statistics show that videos in this relaxation genre rose in popularity over 70% between 2017 and 2018. They have only increased in their appeal since that time.

Seeking Inspiration  

Another reason that a lot of viewers turn to YouTube is that they are looking for inspiration. Whether they want to remodel their house, do their makeup, or lose some weight, the content on social media serves as an impetus and inspiration for many viewers. Tours, product reviews, and ‘GRWM’ (Get ready with me) type videos are very popular among a diverse and wide demographic.

Desire to Engage  

Today’s YouTube audience is looking to engage and connect with others. Many only groom online relationships, so even though you are a brand, you could be connecting in a meaningful way with your viewers through the content that you post. Around 70% of today’s Generation Z indicate that watching videos on social media helps them to feel a sense of connection with others.  Use this to build a rapport.

Once you identify these three underlying viewer behaviors, you can customize your social media and web content to suit your target audience. You will foster familiarity and a sense of trust among viewers when you respond to what they watch and how they feel watching it.

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