Email list segmentation is a powerful tool to precisely target your marketing messages for maximum effectiveness. 

Follow these tips on how to group together similar customers, subscribers or website visitors:

  • Repeat customer: These loyal customers would enjoy receiving a discount or learning about your new product line. They may also be great candidates for upselling.  
  • One-off purchaser: Send a discount based on the one purchase this customer made, to get them hooked on buying from your brand. 
  • Visitors who haven’t purchased: This would be someone who visited your site and joined your email list, but hasn’t purchased yet. 
  • Lapsed purchase history: If you need to remind, or win back, a customer who hasn’t bought from you recently, use this email list segment to speak to them. This way, you’re not treating them like a new customer. Showing that you remember the customer from the past is flattering and respectful. It makes your brand look good. 
  • Sales funnel position: Try segmenting your email lists according to marketing funnel stage (level of interest in, or knowledge about, your service or product). You can send nurturing emails to help move this customer along on their decision path to make a purchase. The above bullet-points are good examples of segmenting by sales funnel position.  
  • Source of lead: Mentioning how you became acquainted with the individual, in a well-targeted email, will impress them.  
  • Special occasion: Try segmenting by birthday month and/or anniversary of becoming a customer. Send emails to celebrate these important dates, with a discount offer. 
  • Page topic interest: Website visitors and customers show you what they’re interested in, by spending time on relevant pages on your website, or repeatedly purchasing a certain type of product/service. Use this information to reach out to them in a meaningful way.  
  • Location: Geographic segmentation helps you speak to customers in a specific part of your service area directly. This helps you get their attention–and assures them that you cater to their unique needs.   

Now that you have some good info on how to manage your email segments, you may want to leave the work to the experts! Contact Earthlings Digital for customized marketing services tailored to your business needs.