In today’s marketing world, your campaigns must be personalized to your target audience. What is a target audience? It’s simply the intended audience of your service or product. Who needs/wants your items? Before an ad campaign, you should know who your target audience is and where they hang out.

Ask Yourself the Five W’s to Find Your Target Audience

To find your target audience, you need to know the who, what, why, where and when. You may have multiple “whos,” because your product may fit across many demographics. But to help find the audience who is most likely to convert to customers, you have to determine the rest of the Ws. The where is extremely important in today’s marketplace. Local search means that you need to think about where your customers live.

Develop Nuanced Personas

If you believe your target customer is a 25 to 30 year old woman, take it a step further and get more specific. Is this woman a mom? Is she single? Does she have pets? What is her income level? Customizing your message to her needs will make your product or service more relevant.

Look at the Data

Use the analytics offered by the platforms to make sure that you know your target audience. Check that you are marketing to the right people based on your performance. You can certainly use third-party data to drive your marketing campaign, but make sure to use your analytics to fine tune it and get a higher ROI.

Make Your Campaign Worthwhile

Although you do want to drill down to find specific personas as your target audience, make sure that you’re reaching enough people to make your campaign worthwhile. When the market is small, you won’t be driving enough potential customers to your site. Finding the balance may not be easy. Adding a marketing company to your team can help you be more successful when finding your target audience.