According to statistics gathered from consumers, the key to digital marketing in the future is video storytelling. The combination of images and sound provided by videos offers the ability to grab the attention of viewers, engage them emotionally, teach them something, and provoke an empathetic response. Here are some tips on how you can make video marketing an effective tool for your company.

Engage and Hold Your Audience

To make sure that your videos stand out from the overwhelming amount of content that continually appears online, capture your audience immediately with a gripping beginning. It’s also important that you keep your video storytelling to the right length, as if your presentation goes on too long, viewers will tune out. Two minutes seems to be the optimum length, but if you need to vary from this, make every moment count.

Consider the Timing

The day and time that you first offer your video for viewing is an important consideration. The ideal time frame for initiating new content varies depending upon your target audience. Conduct some research into video analytics in your industry to see when your company is likely to get the most views for its new material.

Use the Right Platform

Select the right option from among the numerous possible platforms on which to showcase your videos. These include Facebook, Instagram Live, and others. The best place for you to most effectively reach your target audience depends on your industry and what you are attempting to accomplish.

Involve the Viewers

Make your video storytelling interactive by adding quizzes, surveys, and in-video links. Additionally, be sure to include a call to action such as a request to subscribe to your video channel or be added to your email list.

Analyze the Results

After you have begun to engage your audience with video content, gather statistics and analyze them. Find out which videos are most popular, which ones viewers watch all the way through, and which ones people tend to abandon early. Use these results to help plan future content.