When it comes to paid and organic social media campaigns, a common misconception is that it’s necessary to choose between the two. However, in reality, there is no reason not to make use of both, even within the same campaign. This post goes over why by highlighting the strong features of each.

Organic Social Media Strengths

A large part of the power of organic social media marketing derives from its ability to raise and maintain brand awareness, as pointed out by The Manifest. Organic content does so by providing useful content to a company’s audience. In turn, the audience will begin to view the company in a more favorable light: They’re receiving help and advice essentially for free.

Organic social media messages are not the place for heavy-handed sales pitches. Instead, they should be an avenue through which your company shows off its voice and how it can help customers. For example, a coffee company might regularly share advice on how to brew great coffee or keep coffee beans fresh for longer.

Social media channels can also serve as an avenue for customer interaction. Twitter, for instance, allows many companies to interact with customers and solve their problems in real-time, all while showing off the companies’ commitment to customer service.

Paid Social Media Strengths

Paid social media ads, meanwhile, bring advantages of their own to the table. For instance, they can allow for hyper-specific audience targeting, meaning companies can focus their efforts on reaching customers who are likely to make a purchase. It can also be a way to promote great content, which in turn can attract leads. And, like organic methods, paid social media efforts can boost brand awareness.

Combining the Two

Organic and paid social media to have unique strengths, but they can—and should—work together. For example, paying to promote a post can be a great way to get more eyeballs on otherwise organic content. The performance of social posts can reveal excellent information about the demographics interested in your company, allowing for better targeting of paid ads. The possibilities are endless.