Internet marketing can feel bittersweet. With a vast audience just waiting to receive your messaging, it is a marketer’s ideal. Yet, it is the size and scope of that audience that can make it such a challenge. Just who should receive your messaging? How do you target them specifically? That has been the marketer’s biggest challenge, and yet social media has emerged as an ideal solution…as well as social media ads.

LinkedIn Ads Let You Target

Reaching an audience that is a match to your consumer profile is relatively simple with the streamlined LinkedIn ads option. And yet, it is a site with more than 600 million real accounts. Even if you are the world’s greatest customer profile creator, you can lose out on opportunities. We are here to look at a few new ways to make the very most of LinkedIn ads and marketing.

Matched Audiences

You know your ideal customers, and have probably already engaged with many. They are a treasure because they can also help you grow your business as well as remain customers. How? LinkedIn offers lookalike audiences, which they call Matched Audiences, that take many of the characteristics of your existing customer profile and blend that with their massive data pool to find entirely new audiences likely to convert and engage.

Shared Interests

LinkedIn already has “interest” targeting that sends ads to those with the right professional interests, but now they have upped the ante. In partnership with Microsoft Bing, they can target in a more refined way by blending the target audience interest with content they seek on Bing. This will help to build brand awareness that leads to much higher numbers of conversions.


What are the traits of your ideal customers? You may have refined and revised the model, but you may still miss key characteristics. The LinkedIn ads audience templates ensure you are hitting every point by offering 20+ predefined audiences with features like job titles, skills, and other features. This takes your content directly to professionals you may have easily missed in the past.

These are just three ways you can use LinkedIn to hit new audiences and grow your business like never before.