Demographics are so yesterday! Now you can gain a better understanding of your audience through psychographics. The problem: people in the same demographic can have vastly different personalities, styles, tastes, and thoughts. Lumping people together based on zip code or income is quite general, but it’s been the best we could do, until recently.

What Are Audience Psychometrics?

Psychometrics describe an individual’s personality, along with their interests, talents, and values. Although we humans have been trying to “figure out” one another almost since time began, computers can now assess personality traits through big data. The data includes a person’s online activity (digital footprint) and communication style, down to the words they use—on Facebook, for example. Personality types have traditionally been analyzed and categorized from personality test surveys/responses.

You may have taken such a test before, for an employer or merely for fun. In these tests, sometimes called CANOE or OCEAN tests, personality is seen as a combination of these 5 traits: conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and extraversion. These traits are said to be a product of both nature (the personality you were born with) and nurture (how you were raised and the environment you were raised in).  

Are Psychometric Assumptions Correct? 

Critics suggest that personality is more complex and cannot be accurately boiled down into only 5 factors. Still, in marketing, we need to come as close as possible to understanding the complete person (or customer persona) we are trying to reach. As more and more “personality type” big data becomes accessible, we should be open to using it to understand our customers.

When you gain insight into your audience’s personality type, you can tailor your message to more easily reach and activate them. Knowing the personality type you’re “talking to” allows you to humanize your brand and communicate a more emotionally engaging message. Such messaging helps you build a stronger relationship with your audience of customers and potential customers. Cambridge University has developed a personality analytics tool that helps you test drive this technology using your own social media data.

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