There are so many digital marketing platforms available today to advertise your business, but one that should always be considered is YouTube. Now a multibillion-dollar company, YouTube can capture an audience far greater than just content alone. If you’re interested in taking your digital marketing efforts to the next level, below is some information about how to use YouTube to capture thousands if not millions of viewers in a relatively short period of time.

Setting the Stage for Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

As with any social media platform, it’s important that the tone of your videos reflects that of your organization and has an effective call to action. Having said that, below are some additional tips that you can include in your YouTube videos to make them more effective.

1. Use Adequate Keywords 

When adding keywords to video scripts, it allows potential customers to find your videos a lot faster than they could without the use of the keywords. Keywords help videos rank higher in the search engines. They can be added to the video script itself, the description and tags.

2. Use a Tone That’s Best Reflects Your Corporate Image

When creating your video, it’s important to stay consistent with your tone and your style throughout your video. 

3. Have a Laser-Focused Target Audience

Make sure your video script is geared towards either the B2B market or the B2C market, but not both. That way it’s easier for each segment to know which videos are geared towards them.

4. Avoid Making Going Viral Your Primary Reason for Creating a Video 

Although videos that go viral can create a lot of publicity, it shouldn’t be the primary goal for creating videos. Rather, they should focus on bringing that unique quality that resonates with your audience and further builds your brand. 

5. Create Different Types of Videos

The sky is the limit in terms of creativity when selecting a format for your video.  It should be conducive to your target audience and the messages that you’re trying to deliver. For example, you can create a question and answer videos, the launching of a new product, a tour of your corporate office, customer testimonials, live streaming to broadcast your company event, use videos to re-create previous blogs and more.

To learn more about ways that you can implement YouTube videos in your marketing strategy, contact our office today.