It wasn’t that long ago when social media marketing was primarily focused on bringing in followers, but those days are behind us. Today, this type of marketing has morphed and changed, so campaigns need to do the same thing if you want to see success with your business.

Understanding Social Media Changes

Some of the ways that social media is changing include increased mobile consumption and connectivity, the need to build trust amid privacy concerns, and constantly changing algorithms that translate to the need to improve methods regularly. Being aware of all of these changes is the only way to incorporate marketing methods that still work today.

Taking Marketing More Serious

How can you get more serious with your social media marketing? There are a few of them:

  • Talking candidly about conversions and ROI occurring from social media platforms 
  • Focusing on the platforms that matter the most for your brand and industry 
  • Blending together both organic and paid social marketing efforts 
  • Moving efforts from traditional influencers to micro-influencers 
  • Getting very serious about analytics and delving into the data  

The Role of Analytics in Your Marketing

Social media analytics can be used for a massive number of things. Analytics let you analyze your own performance, as well as that of your competitors. It can teach you about your audience, allow you to measure how successful your campaigns are, and perform research when you test out new ideas.

On top of that, analytics lets you watch over mentions of your brand and how people are speaking about it, while also following trends common among the social profiles in your network.

Social media marketing is changing and moving toward a world where the most successful companies are those who know their customers. When you understand your audience, it’s going to be easier to build trust and create campaigns that matter to those people.