Facebook may not have the growth it once did, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rule out the importance of a Facebook business page. It’s estimated that Facebook has over 2.5 billion active daily users. That’s a huge potential audience. Setting up a Facebook business page is fairly easy. Managing that page gets a little more complex. Here are some tips to use your Facebook page for effective digital marketing.

Post interesting content.  

Content on your Facebook business page needs to align with your brand and to resonate with your potential customers. Your content should have a message to engage with your audience and to drive sales.

Look for ways to engage with your audience.  

Your business can’t just blare your marketing message about what you sell. You need to engage with your audience through trivia contests, giveaways or reviews. When people interact with your posts, this boosts your page’s visibility.

Learn to post when your users are most active. 

You may have time on Monday morning to create a post, but your users may be on Facebook when they get off work each day. Use a third-party tool to schedule posts around when your audience is on Facebook.   

Target the right audience. 

If you’re going to spend marketing dollars promoting your Facebook business page, make sure to reach out to people who need your services or product. Make sure to promote your page to the right Facebook user using the demographics available.  

Monitor your comments. 

Interact with customers who post messages on your page. You may not be able to win over that disgruntled customer who posts a bad review, but you aren’t only reaching out to that person. Other people will see how you handle people who didn’t have a good experience. You can present your brand with your engagement.