Advertising provides significant revenue to online publishers. However, poor experiences with digital ads have caused many users to install ad blockers. Statistics show that billions of dollars of revenue are lost as a result. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your ads get through to people who use ad blockers.

Why People Install Ad Blockers

People choose to enhance their online experience by using ad blockers for various reasons. Some do it to protect their privacy and maintain control; these people are often amenable to whitelisting, or allowing ads on specific sites, as long as they have the option to make the choice themselves. Others are simply ad-averse and regard all ads as inconveniences. Another group of people finds annoying and intrusive ads irritating; they don’t mind supporting decent content and are open to whitelisting a site or even paying for a subscription to first-rate ad-free content. Some people may not even realize that an ad blocker is installed in their browser; once they are informed, they are often willing to whitelist your site or disable their ad blocker.

How to Get Past Ad Blockers

Whether people actively block ads or are unaware that their browser has an ad blocker, the way to reach them is through direct communication. If they do not realize they have been using an ad blocker, let them know, and provide instructions on how to disable it. For regular visitors to your site who intentionally use ad blockers, remind them of the value of your content and your need for their support so you can continue to provide it. If necessary, consider limiting the amount of content that users with ad blockers can view.

How to Ask Users to Whitelist Your Site

When suggesting that users should whitelist your site, keep your message direct, succinct, and informal. Be persistent; if they do not respond at once, offer them multiple chances. Use an article counter, and let them know how often they have accessed your content. Emphasize how important their support is. Finally, when users comply and whitelist your site, ensure a positive experience for them by removing any ads that are particularly annoying, offensive, or negative.