In an ideal world, potential customers would be instantly wowed by your emails, text messages, or social media posts.

Though this is always the goal, you often need another step to get people from “kind of curious” to “sign me up!”

This is a big purpose of landing pages, which tell viewers about offers or promotions that might interest them, without any other distractions like a busy site.

Landing pages can be configured for each promotion or campaign, demographic groups, and even communities. It can even be fun to experiment with different text, images, and discounts to see which one results in more click-throughs and orders. This type of objective data is easy to track and doesn’t have to rely on anecdotes or guesses about customer behavior.

It’s also easy to set up landing pages that can use a similar look and feel like your site.

Try some of these other ways to improve your use of landing pages:

  • Create emotion. You may get them interested enough to ‘click here’ but you need them to read and learn more. Your average viewer may not have a lot of time,  but wants something that appeals to their emotions. So think big pictures, light text and quickly convince them that they made a good choice
  • Get to the point.  You’ve already got their attention but you can lose it fast if you take too long or get off-topic. If you want them to do something to qualify for a special deal, tell them.
  • Offer something with motion and sound. Short videos reach people who don’t have time to read. They also may not have time to watch extended videos. If it’s faster to show a quick video than read through several paragraphs of dull text.
  • Test it out.  A page might look great in a development environment when you and your team are building it. But if you send it out from here, it might have missing parts. Send it to several people outside of your company to double-check appearance.

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