Google Ads is perhaps the most effective digital marketing platform. Using paid search delivers immediate results and can help to transform your business to ensure growth. If you are considering trying Google Ads, you need to understand how it works so you can identify the right strategies to help you succeed with this type of online advertising.

Why Google Ads?

While there are different types of online advertising, Google makes for an effective way to stay ahead of low-funnel traffic, high-intent. Unlike display advertising and social media marketing, people who search for what you sell will see your ads on Google. With these ads, you do not have to rank well organically to appear in relevant searches since Google lets you pay to compete.

How It Works

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform, meaning that you pay to drive traffic to your website. However, in addition to paying for the service, you also have to understand the keyword auction process if your campaign is to be successful.

Since there are many businesses looking for clicks from Google users, your ads will be seen if you outbid the competition in the Google auction. However, the process is not all about money, since Google also considers the relevance and quality of your ads. This means that there is a chance you will pay less per click than your competitors if you create high-quality ads and still rank better than them. With Google Ads, you will bid on certain keywords hoping that your ads will show up when prospects search for the keywords on Google. Google will then decide the order in which ads appear based on the quality and maximum bid.

The Auction Process

The Google keyword auction is an efficient process that allows you to choose the target keywords you want your ads to run on. You will also be required to enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click. There are reward and penalty systems that Google uses to ensure that businesses whose websites get a lot of clicks deliver without violating user trust. This is referred to as quality score and affects how high your ads appear in the search results. Some of the factors that Google uses to assign a quality score are Ad relevance, expected clickthrough rate, and landing page experience.

Just as with other types of advertising, you will have to come up with creative marketing strategies to ensure you make the most of your online advertising.