If you own a new business or are unfamiliar with marketing, there are a few things to know before ordering display ads. Display advertising is a great way to get your company message in front of a wide audience, particularly in today’s technological age. Before you commit and order display ads, know what works and how to get results.

Some tips for getting started with display ads include:

Add a Personal Touch

Some display ads, such as website banner advertising, can seem impersonal. Make sure that the ads you place and prepare offer a personal message to your prospective and existing clients, customers, and consumers, in general.

Stay Relevant

Use links to your landing pages in your ads but make sure that these links lead to fresh and current content. Ads that look dated or old may get overlooked by visitors and browsers.

Remind your Audience

Make the effort to reinforce your brand, logo, and name in your display ads. This is a great opportunity to remind your audience of who you are and gives you a chance to plant your logo in their mind. This can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort to customers later when they see, visit, or patronize your company.

Use Only the Best

Don’t waste your advertising dollars with shoddy or sub-par photos. Use only high-quality images and photos, etc. It pays to create an ad that is visually stimulating to the viewer- and that keeps them coming back for more.

Money spent with marketing professionals to create a logo, discuss advertising, and plan your content is a prudent investment in your business. Call us to learn more today.

Ready to try your hand at display ads? Use these tips to create relevant and evergreen content that will capture your audience’s attention- and get them to revisit your business. Display advertising is an integral component of your marketing strategy; make sure that it is working for you!