Recent research from Campaign Monitor revealed valuable information about email that organizations can use in building a marketing strategy for 2020. The analysis examined email statistics from 2019 to identify trends, such as days that resulted in the most opens and offered suggestions to improve email success.

Days of the Week

One of the biggest questions is what day to send emails to clients. The highest open rate in 2019 occurred on Thursdays at 18.6%. However, Wednesday was a close second at an 18.3% open rate. Of the remaining days, Sundays fared the worst with only a 17.1% open rate in all industries. This information can be used to schedule your emails more effectively and improve your email readership.

Improving Email Success

There are a few things you can do to help improve the success of your emails. They include:

  • Taking a look at your subject lines to ensure they are strong and effective. Consider doing subject line testing to find the best subject lines for your audience segments. 
  • Use preheader text to optimize previews, which will increase the likelihood of enticing a subscriber to open an email. 
  • Use segmentation and personalization to maximize targeting audiences appropriately to ensure that all content is highly relevant to their needs and interests.  

Improving Clickthrough

One of the best ways to improve your clickthrough rate is to create strong segments. Strong segmentation means you can tailor your content to be relevant to your audience groups. However, you should also work to maintain your brand voice throughout all content. In addition to these suggestions, you can improve clickthrough with strong call-to-actions and attractive email design.

While you must do what is best for your organization’s marketing, these statistics and suggestions can help improve the overall success of your business emails, resulting in the open rates and clickthroughs you need to build your audience and work toward your marketing and organizational goals.