Aligning your small business with eco-friendly practices is a great way to distinguish yourself from the crowd, and it can have some surprising financial benefits as well. Many consumers these days prefer to deal with companies that are more responsible for their methods and practices, and which help to preserve our natural resources. Developing a marketing campaign which focuses on green initiatives can show all your potential customers that you run an eco-friendly business, and it will show how much you care about the environment, thus attracting more customers to your brand.

Develop an Eco-Friendly Selling Point 

In order to be truly effective, your company can’t just pay lip service to go green – you have to genuinely commit to an eco-friendly approach. This means you need to come up with ideas that can be used to market your products as green alternatives and to showcase your business practices as being environmentally friendly. When you have some of these selling points developed, make sure they are featured prominently in your marketing and advertising.

Use Green Logos 

Logos stick in the minds of people indefinitely, at least they do if you’ve been successful in establishing your brand recognition. That’s why you need to use green logos for your eco-friendly business – so that the public carries in their heads an impression of your company which is tightly bound to the notion of being green, and of being environmentally friendly.

Print on Recycled Paper 

This will demonstrate your commitment to going green to the public and will show that you aren’t just talking the talk, but you’re also walking the walk. Spending money to print all your company communications on recycled paper is a great investment because it will highlight your dedication to being green.

Support Local Environmental Causes 

In virtually every community, there are movements and causes which help to support the environment. You should make a point of donating and supporting these causes, because it’s great for public relations, and because you really should be supportive of such good causes. Having an eco-friendly business means that you need to be involved with eco-friendly causes, and this is one great way to easily accomplish that.