Modern websites are all about content. But businesses can’t simply throw up articles about products and services without a strategy. We have four content tips that can help your website garner more visitors and convert those visitors into sales.

Know Your Audience

Who is your customer? Knowing the demographics of the people who use your product can help you personalize a message to those customers who are looking for your business. When you are conversational and address your customer as a real person, it draws people in to engage with your business.

Be Concise

Keep your writing simple and to the point. While you do want pages that keep customers engaged, you also don’t have much time to get the customer’s attention. The more you write, the more you might lose your customers. Use headers and titles that grab a person’s attention and let them know what they’ll be learning.

Let Your Customers Know What Action to Take

Every page should include a call to action, but you can emphasize what actions you want your customer to take by using action verbs and phrases. Don’t use a passive voice in your content. Communicate effectively with your customers by giving them information that matters on how your product or service will change their life. Solve a problem for your customers.

Write With SEO In Mind

High-quality content doesn’t just appeal to customers, but to the search engine algorithms. Write copy that resonates with customers while using search terms that are relevant. Integrate keywords naturally into your content. Include links to other relevant pages on your site. Reach out to customers at different points in the sales cycle to get them into your pipeline. Not everyone who visits your website is ready to buy, but you can make them think of your business when they are ready by having high-quality content.