No business leader ever said, “I want my marketing strategies to be ineffective.” Clearly, businesses exist to succeed; to generate consistent long-term revenues leading to profits. And, profits require creating and keeping customers. Getting your marketing right and making your marketing efforts efficient are essential goals

What is Efficient Marketing?

Marketing strategies are intended to deliver the desired customers, revenues and profits, based on the goals set by the business. They are deemed efficient when they produce the maximum results for the least amount of marketing cost.

2 Simple Keys to Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency 

  • Set clear and specific measurable objectives. 
  • Use data to measure the objectives and then act decisively.  

8 Ways to Determine the Most Effective Marketing Strategies

Businesses succeed when they are found, understood, desired and acted-on. You can achieve your important business goals with these tips:

  • Build a website that is responsive, engineered for SEO and built with attractive images and effective content. Do Google Search on your own website and keywords to ensure you can be found by your target customers. 
  • Utilize Google Analytics to understand your customers and their interactions with your brand. 
  • Create landing pages to accomplish specific purposes and to be associated with trackable individualized tactics, including traditional media, display ads, and pay-per-click ads. 
  • Use specific phone lines and direct connection from your website so that you can track the sources of inquiries. 
  • Social media is key to success. Set up your accounts and create promotional campaigns to attract customers and to drive brand action. Use hashtags to differentiate campaigns and use insights data. 
  • Employ brand-specific codes and calls-to-action that will enable you to evaluate the success of your media tools. 
  • Conduct surveys via email and social media to analyze your tactics. 
  • Interact directly with customers.  

Seek Professional Assistance with Your Marketing Strategies

Contact Earthlings Digital Inc. for professional assistance with your marketing strategies. We can help you reach more people in highly efficient ways to meet your most important goals.