Solar companies often find it difficult to create a successful digital campaign. The initial investment in solar panels can scare off potential customers. It’s not enough to just put your product on your website and hope for the best. Here are six tactics that solar companies can use to increase their digital marketing campaigns.

Have a Great Website

Make sure your website appeals to your potential customers. You want an innovative design that draws the customer in and demonstrates your brand. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and moves customers through your sales funnel.

Provide Useful Content

Your website needs to have information to educate your customers. Showing people why they need to invest in solar will help you gain customers. Provide solid data and images that support solar energy.

Invest in SEO to Optimize Your Content

If your website isn’t found by the search engines, you might as well be invisible. Use keywords and good SEO practices to rank higher in search.

Know Your Customer

Make sure you reach out to the right customers. You want homeowners and property owners who can afford to make the investment.

Boost Your Reach With Paid Ads

Organic SEO takes time to reach your targeted customers. You can generate awareness of your product through paid ads that reach your potential customers. Your company may want to experiment with different ad copies to see what works and what doesn’t.

Build an Email List to Engage With Potential Customers

Email marketing can be an effective method to reach out to customers. Include information about rebates, tax incentives, benefits of solar power and links to your website. Always include a call to action that gets your clients to follow through with an action.

Solar companies can use digital marketing to boost sales, but you need a strategy to find the right customers.