In 1996, Bill Gates said, “content is king.” Over 20 years later, content is indeed king. As with any good ruler, having a strategy to stay in power is key to the ruling. Without a content strategy for your website, you won’t see success in search engine rankings. Your content strategy boosts your SEO, gains customers and helps you see what’s working. Here are five tips to use for your content strategy.

Have a Calendar

Plan ahead to have content ready for holidays and sales. Know what you’ll be posting on social media and your website ahead of time. This lets you polish your content to make it look professional. You can always include trending topics at the last minute, but when you have a calendar, it helps you stay organized.

Let Analytics Guide Your Content

Use the resources to analyze how your content is performing. Don’t just look at one blog post to know if your content is working or not. Think holistically to see if you are moving upward or not, but do test different types of content to see what is effective and what isn’t.

Have a Sales Funnel

Customers don’t buy the first time they visit your site. They go through stages to make purchases. Help your buyers move through the sales funnel journey. It’s not enough to attract visitors to your site, but you need to convert visitors into sales, then establish your brand to keep customers coming back.

Repurpose Content

When you invest in high-quality content that is effective, reuse it. Find ways to turn data into infographics and pictures. Create white papers or eBooks from older blog posts that were effective. Take one good idea and turn it into multiple creations for different platforms and customers.

Be Prepared With Content for Each Platform

The same content that works on Instagram may not perform well on Facebook. Know your audience and platform to know what content to post and when.