Smart and creative Facebook marketing is a requirement for online (and overall) business success; so don’t neglect this crucial platform. Social media giant Facebook represents an excellent opportunity to grow your business, with its many customization features and robust toolset for business owners.

Put together successful FB campaigns with our tips:

  • Set up a business page on Facebook: When creating your page, include info for as many fields as possible to provide details about your business. Add addictive content, that’s clever and solves problems the reader may have. You could also provide your unique perspective on industry issues affecting customers. Maintain a vibrant page, with fresh, up-to-date content, so that visitors will want to follow you. 
  • Create effective content: Keep to a single topic per post, with a specific CTA (call to action) that directs readers to your conversion goal. Don’t ramble, because it can cloud your message on the busy Facebook channel. However, do include your sense of humor or personality in the language. Add urgency or incentive to your CTA to earn the click. Grab attention with a relevant image or video that includes a link. 
  • Use platform features to improve response: Facebook offers pre-scheduling of posts, boosting and targeting, and pre-designed buttons that make your CTA stand out. You can also run a Facebook ad to promote your post or campaign and pin the post to the top of your newsfeed to get more attention. 
  • Track using other handy platform features: Use the Facebook Insights tool to check progress throughout your campaign. Make refinements to maintain momentum or improve performance. Use tactics that work well for your next campaign, but never stop monitoring. What works today may become old hat tomorrow, and new tools to improve Facebook marketing are added frequently.  

Setting up a Facebook campaign is simple, once you get the hang of it. For expert campaign management and Facebook marketing services tailored to your business needs, contact Earthlings Digital today.